HEXBUG nano Nitro 5 Pack - Sensory Vibration Toys for Kids and Cats - Tiny HEX BUG Children’s Toy Technology with Batteries Included - Multicolor

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HEXBUG nanos are small robotic bugs that creep and crawl around using vibration powered technology. These tech toys can scale tubes, navigate around corners, and inch across the floor. Propelled by new age vibration technology, these micro robotic bugs will keep your children happy and entertained. These toys are also loved by cats and kittens of all ages. Varying pet owners are thrilled to unleash these autonomous, crawling toys for their furry friends and furbabies.
HEXBUG nanos are designed for toddlers ages 3 and up but are enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages! These tiny robot toys for kids defy gravity with their ability to climb up tube walls! Hex bugs are great for helping to stimulate hand eye coordination for your 3, 4, and 5 year olds. These fidgety toys are great for sensory toys for girls and boys. Hex bug toys can also be used as a cat toys! Your children’s imagination is the limit with the HEXBUG nano line of robot toys for kids!
The HEXBUG nano Nitro 5-Pack Includes (5) HEXBUG nanos’ in various colors. (1) of these 5 is a BONUS- Glow in the Dark nano. Each unit has batteries included. These crawling bugs are also compatible with the Bugs in the Kitchen and Buggaloop board games!
These toys have batteries included. Included inside each of the 5 HEXBUG nano Nitros is 1 AG13/LR44 button cell battery. The Bonus nano Nitro is a glow in the dark model. The other four are in various colors. Colors and packaging may vary.
What is HEXBUG? HEXBUG is a brand of tech toys for kids with roots in creating innovative children's toys based around insects. Now, HEXBUG has a range of entertaining kids toys and other creative products to help aspiring children cultivate a love for STEM and STEM products.

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