O'woda Mavic Mini 2 Water Landing Gear Floating Holder Extension Leg Sled Style Damping Landing Foot Extender Training Kit for DJI Mavic Mini 2 / Mini 1 Drone

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This landing gear kit that can float on the water, is suitable for DJI MAVIC MINI 2 / MAVIC MINI 1 drone. This kit allows pilots to train drones on surface landing techniques and water photography techniques.
The sled type landing gear is designed according to the principle of sled stability. When only use the sled landing gear, it can raise your drone by 5.3cm/2.08inch, effectively protecting the gimbal from scratches on the ground.
Install the red floating rod on the landing gear, the drone can be raised by 9cm/3.54inch, and it's also allowed to land/take off on the ground, it has a shock absorption effect. This Landing foots can also allow your drone to land/take off on the water surface, helping the drone to take underwater videos/photos safely on the water. Effectively improve the drone's landing ability in various ground environments, making the drone's landing and your vlog safer and more interesting.
When the power of the drone is lower than 50%, please be careful to use the landing gear kit to fly; when the power is lower than 30%, please don't use this kit on the drone to prevent increased flight risk.
Please pay attention to the wind speed when using this landing leg kit to prevent the drone from being blown away by the wind; when using it on the water, don't go to places with big waves, otherwise there will be a risk of overturning when landing water surface.

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