Rantow Rapid 4-in-1 Multi MiniDrone Parallel Battery Charger for Jumping Sumo, Swing, Mambo, Rolling Spider, Air Night Airborne Cargo, Jumping Race, Jumping Night, Hydrofoil Drone

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Compatible Parrot minidrone: Mambo, Swing, Airborne Night, Airborne Cargo, Jumping Race, Jumping Sumo, Jumping Night, Rolling Spider and Hydrofoil
Li-po battery charger with circuit protective IC in each charge socket Over charge protection, avoid high current damage your battery
It can charge 1,2,3 or 4 batteries at a time, which saves your charging time a lot Li-po Battery with circuit protective IC, over charge and discharge protection Light weight and compact design
Charging method: connect charger with original USB charging cable of minidrone, and equipped with power adapter of cellphone or pad (≤2A)
Charger is suitable for our 3.7v, 600mAh, 15C mini batteries include original battery. Support official parrot batteries and the third party upgrade batteries.

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