Supfoto DJI Air 2S Landing Gear Mavic Air 2 Foldable Landing Gear Extensions Support Leg for DJI Air 2S/DJI Mavic Air 2 Height Extender Accessories

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The Mavic Air 2/DJI Air 2S height extender features a quick-release foldable design, quick installation. Make your drone more compatible with rugged terrain with these Landing Gear Extensions for DJI Air 2S/Mavic Air 2.
The Mavic Air 2/DJI Air 2S extensions boost the height of your drone by 0.78", letting it clear rocks and debris that would otherwise prevent a takeoff or landing. They also help eliminate damage to the gimbal and drone.
The legs fold up for easy storage.The extensions can remain on the drone when being folded and put in storage.
Snap-On Design: They are engineered to easily snap onto the DJI Air 2S/Mavic Air 2. And because the drone is raised up, it makes picking it up from grass or rough terrain easier. The legs fold up for easy storage.
The lightweight metal only adds 28g of weight to the DJI Air 2S/Mavic Air 2.

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