TOMAT Mavic Mini 2 Strobe Lights Night Flight Lights Drone Anti-Collision Light 4 Colors for DJI Mini 2/Mavic Mini/Mavic Air 2/Air 2S/FPV/Holy Stone Drone Accessories

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【Color and Applicable scope】There are four colors for this drone light, which are white, red, green, and yellow, and the brightness is very strong.There are three modes: constant light, strobe, SOS flash,Visible range 3KM.This drone light is suitable for almost all drones, suitable for DJI FPV/Mini 2/Mavic Mini/Mavic Air 2/Holy Stone drones
【Lightweight】The weight of this drone lights is only 6g, and the size is 26mm*34mm*12mm, which will not increase the burden of the drone and will not affect the flight of the drone.
【Usage time】The battery capacity of this Drone Arm Light is 70mah, and the charging cable is included in the package. No additional purchase is required. The charging time is about 1.2 hours.The red indicator light is on when charging, and the full indicator light is off. The use time is about 4.5 hours, and the use time varies in different modes.
【installation method】(1)Take out the 3M Velcro, and glue the soft-bristled surface sticker to a suitable position at the bottom of the flashing light.(2)Then stick the hook surface velcro on any suitable position of the drone (such as the bottom of the fuselage, the arms, the sides of the fuselage, the rear of the tail, etc.).(3) Finally, after bonding the strobe light to the drone body, short press the power switch to complete
【Multiple Modes】The Drone lights has three switchable modes, which are always on, flashing and SOS.(1)Each time you press the switch, The first four times are the switching of 4 color constant lighting modes.(2)Then there are four color flashing modes(3)Then there is the SOS mode in four colors.(4)Finally the light will turn off, or long press for 3 seconds to turn off.(5) This drone light has a memory function, that is it will keep the state before the last shutdown when it is turned on.

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