Awesome Drone
This is a great beginner drone that comes with a good kit. Camera angle can be adjusted manually, small and foldable, circle and follow me mode are cool, APP works and has clear instruction, comes with an extra battery, nice carrying case, amazing value, very low price for what you get.
DJI Mini 2
This is my first impression, having just received the drone. The mini 2 basically just improved everywhere the original lacked. After the increased range, my next favorite new feature is the much improved remote controller, the controls are responsive and set up is intuitive and ´plug and play´ while still providing numerous options for customization.
Good for beginners, fun and easy to fly
This drone is a great product, easy to set up and use. I have had a some crashes but nothing have broken yet. it´s a well designed drone for the price range. ... Fly in open spaces if you´re not experienced!
Happy with my purchased
The best: Very pleased so far, absolutely love this drone and the accessories. My first drone and it´s so easy to fly, it shoots great videos, so much fun, i love it. I am very happy with everything about this product.
The worst: I wish it were cheaper.
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