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4DRC M1 drone
i like the return home feature and they follow me key it is used for fun and to keep me happy
Good product and lot of fun
The design is very cool and it came with very nice packaging. The picture and video is very clear and good quality and it is easy to control. It seems to be fairly durable and the battery does give you good flying time.
DJI Mavic Mini
I am so impressed with this drone ... DJI´s Mavic Mini has great value, it may seem expensive but really it´s not. This pocket Drone doesn´t require a license or to be registered in Canada. It is very easy to fly and very responsive to the controls. This drone with GPS is very stable, can fly in moderate winds and take quality photos and videos. Best drone I ever had for the price...
Worth it for newbies
Love this drone as a beginner. I have never owned a drone before, but it was fairly easy to get going and learn to fly. Very stable and easy to hover in place after adjusting the trim settings. Good size for beginners, fun and easy to fly.
Great beginner drone
Very easy to learn to fly, it is exactly what I was looking for. I am new to owning and flying a drone and was so pleased to find the setup instructions very easy to follow. This is a really nice little drone.
Surprisingly stable, easy to use.
Great little package for the price, it includes plenty of spare parts. I followed the instructions and everything works as described, the camera on the drone is fantastic too.
Great budget drone
My 6 years old son can operate it with confidence and ease. Lots of fun, easy to control and operate. Looks sturdy enough to withstand crashes.
Long flight time
like flying time would rather have batteries provide charg rate within battery if it does not affect flight time
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