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Long flight time
like flying time would rather have batteries provide charg rate within battery if it does not affect flight time
DJI Mini 2
This is my first impression, having just received the drone. The mini 2 basically just improved everywhere the original lacked. After the increased range, my next favorite new feature is the much improved remote controller, the controls are responsive and set up is intuitive and ´plug and play´ while still providing numerous options for customization.
Great 1st drone
Comes in a smart carry case and some spare propellers charge lead screw driver and instructions you can get it ready to fly in a few minutes then once you take off it´s very easy to control the app works great and you get great pictures and video,s great value for money new comers
My 4drc drone
Hi I´m new to drones so I bought the 4drc m1 pro wich is a budget drone and has plenty of features to help you fly it easy the app is great it´s easy to set the drone up and boy it´s very easy to fly with great pitures and videos if your a 1st time flyer I highly reccomend it´s great value for money and the battery lasted me 25 mins on a windy day
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