WikDrone Project
Collaborative Project WikDrone - The first and only drone social network in the world. We are Shared eXperience. If you are Droner, WikDrone is your place.
Alexander Smith
It´s great to know that there is a resource like this site for a newbie like me! The plan is to capture as much footage as i can and practice my video skills.
James Harris
Looking forward to learning more and sharing as well.
Luke Brown
Hi all! ... Photographer, drone pilot, drone events, drone video production and 3D printing.
Emma Miller
RPAS (Drone) Pilot. Enthusiast. Brand new to the site and brand new to the drone world!
Charlotte Jones
Looking forward to getting some ideas from the group! Happy to be here.
Dronehaha brings all useful drone tips, drone review and drone creative ideas together to make you become a drone lover.
Racing Drone Pilot and Freestyle Pilot
#TeamOrange EVO DayJob: WebDev/Photog
Oliver Williams
Hello all! I´ve been flying drones for years. Also photographer. Cheers!
Nans Dabé
French Freestyle pilot southeast France.
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