Bzdzmqm 4k Dual Camera Aerial Photography Drone, Remote Control Quadcopter HD Folding Aircraft Toy, 4k Dual Camera Drone, Smart Obstacle Avoidance, 50x Zoom Trajectory Flight, Photo/Video

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Multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance: With front, back, left, right, four-directional environmental infrared perception ability to perceive the distance of obstacles, when you encounter obstacles to avoid making your control easier and simpler.
Performance upgrade: Whether it is to record the good times, or to and lakes, you can respond to add a different style to your daily creation. Lightweight: three seconds folding, with foldable design, palm size folding, pockets, bags can be put.
4K dual camera system: high-definition imaging allows you to better record wonderful moments and retain good memories at all times. 4K high-resolution front lens, clear and delicate picture, support 90° manual adjustment Angle. Intelligent hover system: a new generation of intelligent hover system, maintain flight altitude, easy to control and easy to , novice seconds to start.
Gesture photo/video: During the flight, point the camera at the corresponding gesture, the drone can take photos or video. Control the drone by swinging the left and right directions of the phone, without pressing buttons, and have an in-depth experience.
50x zoom trajectory flight: Through the mobile phone can achieve 50x zoom shooting without fear of high-altitude , more of framing. The app draws the flight you want, and the drone immediately according to the trajectory you draw.
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