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$$$ ???
For a remote controller only? I find it very hard to believe this. My Bugs 5w has a beautiful remote control system that is very NICE. Only maybe $50.00 And this is USED. NOT GONNA HAPPEN
Needs to stay airborne ! Bad craftsmanship! Burning motors stink bad too .
Hello I am a long time drone flyer. I have seen many good and bad drones. To be clear I rate a drone by mainly two things . Quality and functions. I in no way modify drones to do anything different from what is expected. The 4DRC M1 2022 model looked cool . Although my experience says if it has folding arms and props then steer clear of it . Took a chance and purchased it for around $ 215.00 . It arrived fast and in perfect shape from 2000 miles away ! The camera is great and it stabilized the best of all the ones I own. The controller is very good but very cheap. The app for it links smooth. No picture dropouts or quality problem . However the problem happens after flight . Loose motor mount screws and loose prop screws. And during first flight one motor died . Such a remarkable experience ruined by poor craftsmanship. I am describing things that require disassembling the quadcopter to fix,not only finding all 8 loose prop screws before flight ! Very hard to fix because of NO lock tight "screw glue". Very high temp on motors . Only gave me 5 min. flying time before motor 1 virtually burned out. I do not recommend it at all for any purpose . Even low altitude flight is not possible. Gave 2 stars because it never lost linkage to TX and for remarkable camera stability and 6K images.
can you send it to me by pieces ?
can you send it to me by pieces ? because it´s illegal in Jordan
I really was excited when it came now b4 I go on Amazon is sending me a replacement so I might change this review. But it came with no information on what app to download you can´t find anything at ohfish to held so of anyone knows what it is please text me 270-702-6035. Second I put the battery in and it looked fine connect the remote and it died it smells like burnt electric. Nothing got hot that I could feel or see but now it does the same thing every time I try. Good luck ?
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