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【Seamless Full-Screen Vision】: Experience an unbroken horizon with the DroneMask 2. Leveraging our patented Unibody lens technology, it provides a true full-screen view, eliminating the split-screen effect often seen in traditional goggles. This enhancement delivers four times the resolution of conventional split-screen FPV goggles, ensuring crystal-clear visuals and a truly immersive drone-flying experience. DroneMask 2 also features screen-access holes with adjustable neoprene covers for a seamless flying experience.
【Universal Drone Compatibility】: Elevate your flights with DroneMask 2, and get a true FPV feeling. Engineered to harmonize with a broad spectrum of top-tier camera drones from DJI, Skydio, Autel, and beyond. Be it a DJI Phantom, Mavic, Skydio 2, Autel EVO, or other market leaders, DroneMask 2 integrates seamlessly. Its compatibility with smartphones such as Android and iPhone further cements its position as the go-to accessory for every drone enthusiast.
【Plug and Play Convenience】: DroneMask 2 isn't just a pair of goggles; it's a comprehensive flight package. Enclosed with the most essential cables and adapters, it streamlines your setup, letting you soar the skies without delay. Avoid the fuss of mismatched accessories and compatibility issues; we've meticulously curated everything you need for an effortless start.
【Unparalleled Immersion, Zero Distractions】: Crafted for passionate aerial cinematographers, DroneMask 2 promises undiluted immersion. Its award-winning scandinavian design effectively wards off intrusive sun glares, ensuring your skyward adventures remain unblemished. Trust in our advanced lens technology to offer a flawless, uninterrupted view, letting you capture pristine, glare-free visuals. Embrace the skies, and immerse yourself in a world free from compromises.
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