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Getterback - GB100
Your gear is expensive and your time is priceless.. Don’t lose your gear in the water! The GetterBack is the Patented, revolutionary Depth Activated Underwater Recovery System that installs in seconds with a non-destructive high-strength Velcro strap. In less than ten feet of water, a safe reaction jettisons the high visibility recovery float to the surface. Grab the float and the attached High-Strength Braided Kevlar line, and pull up your gear. So if it sinks, now you can GetterBack! Note: Watch out for Chinese made copies being sold for less. (19.99) Those are not made by our company and if the package does not say, Fisher Systems, Inc. at the bottom, its not an authentic brand new safety green version GetterBack and it may not work.
Now with a faster release time and quicker recovery! ·Weatherproof ·Less than 1/2 OZ. · Installs in seconds ·10 Lb. braided line ·Recover up to 100 feet · Quick spotting, bright float · Activates in as little as 8 feet.
Perfect for Drones! The GetterBack depth activated recovery system is the only underwater Drone recovery device in the world. With the small size and light weight (only .5 oz) it is the perfect solution to recovery a lost drone in a body of water. The deployment on a Drone can be seen below.

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