Mavic Mini 2 Water Landing Leg, Waterproof Landing Gear Training Kit Extenders Floating Holder for DJI Mini 2/Mavic Mini

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Water landing gear kits compatible with DJI Mini 2/Mavic Mini drone, effectively increasing the distance between the drone and the ground by 45mm.
The buoyancy bar protects the drone body safety when your Mini 2 / Mavic Mini is landing or take-off.You can shooting videos on the water and making your flight more fun, preventing the drone from accidentally falling into the water.
It can also be used as a height-increasing landing gear, effectively improving the ability of the drone to adapt to the ground environment during take-off and landing, and avoid ground debris from soiling the fuselage or damaging the gimbal.
The installation is simple and quick, it will not affect the normal use of the sensor and will not bring too much load to the body.
Please be careful not use it with the wind speed too fast to avoid accidents. Before using it on the water, you need to test the balance after installation and do not go to places with waves, otherwise there is a danger of overturning.

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