Mini Drone for Kids - Flying Nano Quadcopter - RC drone pour enfant - Small Perfect for Indoor Flight - Auto Hovering Mode - 360 Rotating Airplane - USB Rechargeable Batteries with 2 Extra Propellers - Holiday Gift for Boys Girls Helicopter

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?????? ???? ???????? ???????: The mini drone is equipped with motion sensors on each side, providing a 360 coverage. This enables the quadcopter to detect incoming collisions by moving in the opposite direction. This ensures that the indoor drone is safe from hitting obstacles or moving targets such as hand gestures. The ufo drone is also equipped with a barometer, enabling it to maintain a constant altitude on barometer mode.
???? ??????? - ???????? ???????: The mini drone can switch between 2 modes of operation; remote control or gesture control. On remote control, the mini drone for kids can be played with via the remote control. On gesture control, the altitude of the hand drone is maintained and the kids can interact with the induction drone with hand gestures that move the drone in the opposite direction.
????? ???? ??? ????????: The 10cm x 9cm x 2cm drone has a complete range of motion, capable of moving in all directions in 360; left, right, up and down. The drone for kids can also perform horizontal flips by a simple remote control click. This allows for cool strunts to be perfomed by the flying ball mini drone for kids.
??????? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ???????????: This ideal kids drone allows the cognitive development in children by learning how to maneuver a hovering quadcopter in the air, learn about 3d flight controls, learn fine motor skills in avoiding obstacles and performing cool strunts like a pro.
????, ????????? ??? ???: Power on the drone and put it on the ground. When the LED light turns from quick blinking to solid light, throw the drone to let it fly and hover. Enjoy endless moments of hapiness and create action filled memories. Perfect gift drone enfant.
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